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How To Make Beef Stock


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Place Bones in Roasting Pan
How to make beef stock

Place bones in roasting pan.

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Place Bones in Roasting Pan

Beef stock (often referred to as "brown stock") starts with bones, and since we're making a brown stock, we'll want to use beef or veal bones. Veal bones are particularly desirable because they have more cartilage, which adds body to the stock in the form of gelatin. You may want to review this article on what goes into a stock.

Most supermarkets sell soup bones, but just ask the butcher if you don't see them displayed. The best bones to use are the so-called "knuckle" bones from the various leg joints, because of their high cartilage content. Calves feet are also frequently available, and are another good source of the proteins that form gelatin.

The bones should be cut up — pieces 3 to 4 inches long should be about right. The same goes for calves feet, if you're using them. If the bones aren't cut up yet, ask your butcher to do it for you.

Arrange the bones in a heavy roasting pan. You can drizzle them with a bit of vegetable oil if you like. Next page >>
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