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Sauce Recipes for Fish and Seafood

Classic Sauces for Fish & Seafood Dishes


These classic sauces, like the Hollandaise Sauce, Normandy Sauce, Bercy Sauce and others, can be served with fish and seafood dishes, including pan-seared sea scallops, sautéed tilapia, grilled salmon and more.

1. Hollandaise Sauce Recipe

Salmon Steak with Sauce
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Hollandaise is a wonderfully rich, lemony and buttery sauce that goes with all kinds of poached and grilled fish dishes as well as eggs and vegetables.

2. Bercy Sauce Recipe

The Bercy sauce, named after a district in the east of Paris, is a finished sauce for fish and seafood dishes. It's made by reducing white wine and chopped shallots and then simmering in a basic fish velouté.

3. Normandy Sauce Recipe

The Normandy Sauce is a classical sauce for fish and seafood made by flavoring a fish velouté with chopped mushrooms and then thickening it with a mixture of egg yolks and heavy cream called a liaison.

4. Anchovy Sauce Recipe

The Anchovy Sauce is a flavorful sauce that's similar to the traditional Normandy Sauce above, but the difference is that at the end, we enrich the finished sauce with Anchovy Butter.

5. White Wine Sauce

The White Wine Sauce is one of the most basic sauces for fish and seafood dishes. It's also the base from which a number of other classical sauces are built — such as the Herb Sauce, the Shrimp Sauce or the Venetian Sauce.

6. Mushroom Sauce Recipe

This creamy mushroom seafood sauce is an example of how the basic White Wine Sauce above can be easily transformed into something a little more complex. This version of the mushroom sauce is made by adding sautéed mushrooms to a basic White Wine Sauce.

7. Herb Seafood Sauce

This simple, creamy herb sauce is made by adding fresh parsley, chives and tarragon to a basic White Wine Sauce. If you don't have those exact herbs, use whatever herbs you do have as long as they're fresh, not dried.

8. Beurre Blanc (White Butter Sauce)

Beurre blanc is a simple butter-based emulsified sauce that's great with fish or seafood. It's a nice sauce to have in your repertoire because you can whip up a batch on the spot (all you really need is wine and butter), making it ideal for emergencies.
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