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Danilo's Corned Beef Sandwich


Corned Beef Sandwich
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Danilo's Corned Beef Sandwich

Corned beef on rye with Russian dressing and coleslaw is easily the most delicious sandwich ever created.

It's related to the Reuben sandwich, but there's no Swiss cheese (or any cheese, for that matter) on this sandwich. And it features coleslaw instead of sauerkraut. Finally, it's not grilled — though I like to warm up the corned beef slightly before building the sandwich.

You'll also notice that other than the number of slices of bread (2), I haven't specified quantities for the other ingredients. That's because the best possible version of this sandwich is made with as much corned beef, coleslaw and Russian dressing as you can fit between those slices of bread.

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 5 minutes



  1. Heat the corned beef in the microwave for a few seconds until it is just warm.

  2. Spread one side of each slice of bread with Russian dressing.

  3. Scoop some cole slaw onto one slice of bread and spread it around. You want a nice, thick layer of slaw.

  4. Arrange the warm corned beef on the other slice of bread. Join the sides together, slice and serve with a dill pickle.
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