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Sachet d'Épices


Fresh Herbs in Cheesecloth
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A sachet d'épices (pronounced "sa-SHAY DAY-pees") is a small cheesecloth sack containing herbs and spices used to add flavor to stocks, soups and sauces. It translates literally to "bag of spices" in French.

Often referred to simply as a sachet, it's used in a similar manner to a bouquet garni, with the main difference being the fact that a sachet's ingredients are enclosed in cheesecloth while a bouquet garni's are not.

This means that spices such as whole peppercorns, and dried herbs, which couldn't be used in a bouquet garni, can go in a sachet.

Common items included in a sachet d'épices are:

  • dried thyme
  • parsley stems
  • bay leaf
  • whole peppercorns
  • whole cloves
These ingredients are tied inside a piece of cheesecloth, which is then suspended in the simmering liquid at the end of a length of cooking twine, and usually tied to the pot handle so that it can be easily retrieved.
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