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Duck confit

Duck confit.

Definition: Confit (pronounced cone-FEE) is a technique for preserving meats such as duck, goose or pork that involves cooking the meat in its own fat, and then storing the meat in this fat in a covered container.

Confit is an effective method for preserving meats because the fat seals off the oxygen that bacteria need to reproduce.

The word confit can be used to refer to the technique, or to the meat which has been thus preserved.

Today, it's possible to find restaurants that serve confits made from vegetables or fruits. These aren't true confits in the sense of a meat which is preserved in its own fat, nor indeed are they actually preserved foods. Rather, they're more like jams or chutneys.

Like many classical food preservation techniques, confit belongs to the area of the culinary arts known as garde manger.

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