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Pimentos (aka cherry peppers)

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Pimentos are a type of small, round, red pepper with a sweet flavor and very mild heat.

Pimentos are also known as cherry peppers, because of their red color and round shape. A common use for pimentos is to dice them and stuff them into Spanish or Manzanilla olives.

These pimento-stuffed olives are traditionally used for garnishing martinis. They're are also used in making pimento cheese and pimento loaf.

Because they're sweet and mild, whole pimentos can be stuffed and served as an appetizer. They are also pickled and sold in jars, usually described as cherry peppers.

Pimentos register between 100 and 500 Scoville heat units on the Scoville Scale, making them one of the most mild chili peppers.

Also Known As: Cherry peppers

Alternate Spellings: Pimientos

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