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Inside Round (Top Round)


Definition: Inside round is a roast taken from the beef round primal cut.

The beef round is generally a tough cut of meat best suited for moist-heat cooking. But the inside round, taken from the highest part of the round (which is why it's also called top round), is possibly the tenderest part of the round and is sometimes roasted. By no means, however, is this the best cut of beef to roast.

The inside round can also be fabricated into steaks, usually referred to as top round steaks. Again, while these steaks are often grilled or broiled, this isn't the best meat to use with dry-heat cooking methods. Moreover, because the round is quite lean, it doesn't have a lot of flavor, so if you're planning to grill a top round steak, do yourself a favor and marinate it first.

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Also Known As:
  • Top round
  • Topside
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