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Definition: A hazelnut is a type of tree nut similar to a filbert. The word hazelnut is sometimes used interchangeably with the word filbert, and they are related, but the two grow on trees of different species. Moreover, there are certain types of hazelnuts that are actually hybrids of filberts and hazelnuts.

In the culinary arts, hazelnuts are used in baking and desserts, in making candy, for flavoring coffee and other beverages and also for making liqueurs. Chocolate and hazelnuts are a popular flavor combination. Hazelnuts are also used in savory dishes. For instance, hazelnuts pair well with lamb.

Like filberts, hazelnuts can be eaten raw or roasted. Hazelnuts have a hard exterior shell, and the nuts themselves have an outer skin which can have a bitter flavor. This outer skin on the hazelnut can removed by blanching the nut.

Also Known As:

  • Filbert
  • Cob nut


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