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Spinach frittata

Spinach frittata.

Photo © Danilo Alfaro
Definition: In the culinary arts, a Frittata is a flat Italian-style omelet that's usually prepared in a cast-iron skillet. A brunch menu classic, the frittata may also have its origin in Spanish cuisine.

To make a frittata, beaten eggs are cooked briefly in a hot skillet along with other ingredients such as onions, spinach, bacon and/or potatoes, and then topped with cheese and finished in the oven. When cooked in a round skillet, the frittata is then typically sliced into wedge-shaped portions for serving.

Unlike a regular folded omelet, a frittata can be made in a large baking dish to serve a large number of people. Here's a tasty Spinach Frittata Recipe.
Pronunciation: free-TAH-ta
Common Misspellings: Fritatta
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