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Liver pate, a type of forcemeat

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Forcemeat is a combination of meat, fat, seasonings and other ingredients that are blended together through grinding or puréeing to form an emulsion.

Forcemeat is used as the main ingredient in making sausages, pâtés, terrines, galantines and other charcuterie items.

Traditional or straight forcemeat is made with pork meat and pork fat, along with a primary meat such as fish, seafood, veal, poultry or game.

Country-style forcemeat has a coarser texture and traditionally includes pork liver along with some garnish of nuts or vegetables. It usually uses some sort of binder, called a panada, such as cubes of bread soaked in egg and milk.

Mousseline forcemeat has the lightest texture, and is usually made with heavy cream rather than pork fat. Mousseline forcemeats are typically forced through a sieve to produce a very fine consistency. They're good to use as fillings or stuffings, for instance, in ravioli or tortelloni.

Gratin forcemeat is made by briefly searing the primary meat, developing flavor and color, before cooling and grinding it as in a straight forcemeat.

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