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Definition: The word Focaccia refers to a type of Italian yeast bread baked in flat sheet pans. Focaccia dough is flavored with olive oil and sometimes topped with herbs and other vegetables.

Focaccia bread is made using a strong flour, such as bread flour which is high in gluten. The dough is rolled out, placed into the sheet pan and then brushed with a generous amount of olive oil.

After the dough proofs, the baker will use fingertips to press little dimples into the focaccia dough. The focaccia dough is then topped with coarse salt and herbs, frequently rosemary, and any other toppings. Common focaccia bread toppings include olives, mushrooms, green onions or tomatoes.

Here's a Rosemary Focaccia Recipe.

Focaccia bread can be eaten as it is or sliced and used for making sandwiches. A sweet version of focaccia features raisins and a light glazing of sugar.

Pronunciation: fo-KA-cha

Common Misspellings: Foccacia

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