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Flat Iron Steak


Flat iron steak

Flat iron steak.

Photo © Steven Morris Photography / Getty Images
Definition: Flat iron steak is a steak from the beef chuck primal cut. The flat iron steak is one of the most tender cuts from the beef chuck, which isn't saying much. The beef chuck comes from one of the most heavily exercised parts of the cow, and it has a lot of tough connective tissue in it.

Still, the flat iron steak is tender enough to prepare using dry heat cooking methods like grilling. Among its virtues are the fact that the flat iron steak has a good amount of marbling, and it is relatively inexpensive.

The flat iron steak is similar to a blade steak but it's been cut flat instead of across the shoulder blade. This eliminates the tough seam of connective tissue found in a blade steak. Indeed, the flat iron steak is sometimes called a top blade steak.
Also Known As:
  • Top blade steak
  • Top chuck steak
  • Book steak
  • Butler steak
  • Lifter steak
  • Petite steak
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