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Fines Herbes


Definition: In the culinary arts, the term Fines Herbes refers to a blend of herbs traditionally used in French cooking. While there is no exact recipe for fines herbes, it usually includes parsley, tarragon, chervil and chives. Marjoram is occasionally included in fines herbes as well.

It's best to use fresh herbs for making the fines herbes mixture, because the herbs in the blend lose a lot of their flavor when dried. Dried fines herbes can still be useful, but they're quite different from the fresh variety.

Fines herbes can be used in all sort of recipes, especially foods with delicate or subtle flavors like roasted or baked fish dishes, omelets, potatoes, soups or vinaigrettes. You could use fines herbes in preparing this herb baked chicken recipe.

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Pronunciation: FEENZ-erb
Common Misspellings:
  • Fines herbs
  • Fine herbes
  • Fine herbs
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