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En Croute


Salmon en croute

Salmon en croute

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In the culinary arts, the term en croute (pronounced "on KROOT") indicates a food that has been wrapped in pastry dough and then baked in the oven. Salmon en croute is a popular recipe. Pâté and brie cheese are also frequently prepared en croute.

One of the classic en croute recipes is Beef Wellington, or in French, Boeuf en Croute.

Traditionally, the type of pastry used for making Pâté en Croute is a simple straight pastry dough called pâte à pâté, or pâté pastry. But today, puff pastry is frequently used for most en croute recipes.

The key with preparing items en croute is that however long it takes to cook the pastry until it's golden brown is how long the item will spend in the oven. As salmon cooks quickly, it tends to work well. Similarly, a tenderloin of beef is best prepared medium-rare, so it's also a good choice. (You'd sear the outside of the tenderloin before enclosing it in the pastry.)

Likewise brie cheese, which really just needs to be in the oven long enough to melt. (Brie en croute is served as a dessert. The cheese is usually topped with brown sugar, cinnamon and walnuts before wrapping it in the pastry and baking it.)

On the other hand, foods like poultry or pork wouldn't be suitable for preparing en croute.

Alternate Spellings: en croûte

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