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Definition: Dill is an aromatic herb with delicate, feathery green leaves. Sometimes referred to as dill weed, dill is a member of the parsley family. While it is possible to buy and use dried dill, dill is one of those herbs that loses its flavor rapidly, so fresh dill is always your best choice.

The seeds of the dill plant can also be used as a spice. Dill seed is used in a number of Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Dill is an herb that is particularly tasty with salmon. Dill can be be paired with salmon in any number of ways. Here's a quick and easy recipe for a dill sauce to serve with salmon:

Dill Sauce for Salmon: For an easy dill sauce for salmon, stir half a cup of chopped dill into a cup of plain yogurt. Add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice and maybe a clove of minced garlic. You could serve this dill sauce with this salmon cakes recipe.
Also Known As: Dill weed
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