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Beef daube

Daube of beef.

Photo © James Baigrie / Getty Images
Definition: Daube is a classic French beef stew made with red wine, carrots and other vegetables. The traditional beef Daube involves a lengthy marinating time for the beef followed by long slow braising. The traditional method for preparing beef Daube takes several days, although modern daube recipes may require only a few hours.

Daube is usually made with beef chuck, which is then cut into cubes and slowly braised. In some traditions, the meat used for making daube comes from the bulls that are killed in bullfights.

There are many variations on the basic Daube recipe, mostly based on the region of France where they originate. In addition to wine, carrots, onions, garlic and herbs, daube recipes can be made with orange zest or orange peel, olives, bacon, fennel or mushrooms.

Daube is traditionally made in a deep pot called a daubiére, although daube can be made in a Dutch oven or any large oven-proof pot.
Pronunciation: dobe
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