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Cube Steak


Cube steak

Cube steak

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In the culinary arts, the term cube steak is used to refer to a cut of meat that has been run through a mechanical tenderizer. The resulting steak is called a cube steak because of the cube-shaped indentations made by the tenderizer.

Cube steak can also be made by pounding the steak with a tenderizing mallet to produce the cube-shaped indentations.

Traditionally, cube steak is taken from the beef round primal cut, which is well exercised and quite tough. But it can be made using any tough cut of beef.

Cube steak can be braised, sautéed or pan-fried. It can even be baked in a casserole. Examples of cube steak recipes include pork cutlets and Swiss steak.

Also Known As:

  • Minute steak
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