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Corned Beef


What is corned beef?

What is corned beef?

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Definition: Corned beef is a preparation in which a cut of beef, usually the brisket, is cured in a brine solution along with various seasonings, and then slowly simmered until cooked.

Corned beef can also be made from the beef round primal cut. Both the round and the brisket are relatively tough cuts of meat that are best cooked by slow, moist-heat cooking. A good corned beef is quite tender with a delicious salty flavor.

The brine for making corned beef is similar to the brine used for making pickles. Thus, it's fair to say that corned beef is essentially pickled beef.

One of the key ingredients in making corned beef is a curing salt called prague powder, which is what gives the corned beef its distinctive pink color.

More About Corned Beef:
Also Known As: Salt beef
Common Misspellings: Corn beef, cornedbeef
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