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Club Steak


Definition: Club steak is a steak cut from the beef short loin.

Club steak is a triangular steak with an L-shaped bone. The club steak is similar to a T-bone steak, but it's taken from the front part of the short loin, the part nearest the rib. In contrast to the club steak, the T-bone steak is taken from the center section of the short loin.

The club steak also differs from the T-bone in that it lacks any of the tenderloin muscle.

Because it is a tender cut of meat, the club steak is suitable for dry-heat cooking methods such as grilling and broiling.

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Also Known As:
  • Delmonico steak
  • Country club steak
  • Shell steak
  • Top loin steak
  • Strip loin steak
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