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Choux pastry dough

Piping choux pastry dough

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Choux (pronounced "shoo") is a type pastry dough used for making items such as éclairs, cream puffs (profiteroles), gougères and beignets, among others.

Choux pastry, also called pâte à choux ("pot-ah-SHOO"), is made with flour, butter, eggs and water, although it can sometimes be made using half water and half milk.

Here's a Choux Pastry Recipe.

When baking pâte à choux, the choux is baked first at a high temperature, and then finished at a low temperature. The reason for this is that choux pastry is leavened with steam, rather than a chemical leavening agent like baking soda or baking powder, or a biological leavening agent like yeast. The high initial temperature in baking choux is what generates the steam to cause it to rise.

The word choux in French means cabbage, and choux pastry gets its name from the fact that the little balls of choux paste used to make cream puffs resemble little cabbages.

Pronunciation: shoo, pot-ah-SHOO

Also Known As:

  • Pâte à choux
  • Choux paste
  • Éclair paste

Common Misspellings: Pate a chou

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