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Definition: Chaud-Froid is a jellied sauce used to decorate serving platters or to coat chicken breasts or other cooked and cooled items (usually poultry).

Chaud-Froid can be made by adding gelatin to a velouté sauce, or a demi-glaze or a béchamel sauce.

Chaid Froid can also be made by adding cream to a simple aspic. In a pinch, it's possible to add gelatin to mayonnaise or sour cream, to make a chaud froid substitute called a mayonnaise collée.

The word chaud-froid means "hot-cold" in French. Originally, the word chaud-froid referred to a dish, such as cooked chicken, which was cooled and then coated with the chaud-froid sauce. Today, the word chaud-froid is mostly used to describe the sauce itself.
Pronunciation: show-FRWAH
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