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Culinary Arts Basics: The Fundamentals of Cooking


Get started with the basics of the culinary arts, including basic cooking methods, knife skills, making stocks and sauces, and more.
  1. Food Safety
  2. Knife Skills & Basic Knife Cuts
  3. Cooking Principles
  4. Stocks & Sauces
  5. Quick Reference

Food Safety

Food Safety & Sanitation

There aren't many absolute rules in the culinary arts, but following safe food handling procedures is a must. Learn the dos and don'ts of food safety and sanitation.

Knife Skills & Basic Knife Cuts

Knife Skills & Knife Basics

Learn the right way to hold your chef's knife and proper cutting technique. Also see illustrated examples and tutorials on the basic knife cuts.

Cooking Principles

Culinary Arts - Basic Cooking Principles

Learn about dry heat and moist heat and the various cooking methods typical of each, as well as which cooking method is appropriate for different foods and recipes.

Stocks & Sauces

Stocks & Sauces

An understanding of stocks and sauces will take your cooking to the next level, and learning to prepare them will help build fundamental culinary skills.

Quick Reference

Quick Reference Area - Culinary Arts Reference

If weights, measurements or culinary definitions have you baffled, don't worry — this quick reference area will help get you back on track!

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