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Standard Breading Procedure


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Pat the Item Dry
Standard Breading Procedure - Tutorial With Photos - Step 1: Pat the Item Dry

Pat the Item Dry

Photo © Danilo Alfaro

Standard Breading Procedure

The standard breading procedure is a three-step process for coating foods in a crispy breading before frying them. This basic procedure is used all the time in the culinary arts.

Breading helps to seal in moisture when deep-frying or pan-frying. It also provides a crunchy and delicious exterior, and the golden-brown color makes the food more attractive. While the standard breading procedure is typically used for items that will be fried, breaded items can be baked as well.

The standard breading procedure includes three steps: dredging in flour, moistening in egg wash (beaten egg plus a tablespoon or two of water or milk), then coating in breadcrumbs like Panko. Doing it this way ensures the breading actually sticks to the food instead of falling off in the hot oil.

To begin with, make sure the item you're going to bread is dry. Here we're going to bread some salmon croquettes, but the procedure will work for chicken cutlets, fish, vegetables, or any other item you want to fry.
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