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How To Make Roux


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Keep Cooking Until It's the Color You Want
How to make roux: step 3

Step 3: Cook until it's the color you want.

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Keep Cooking Until It's the Color You Want

How long you cook the roux depends on what you're using it for. A béchamel sauce calls for a white roux, so you'll only want to cook it for a few minutes, until the raw flour taste is gone but the roux is still a pale yellow.

A blond roux, used in white velouté sauces, needs to be a bit darker, so it's cooked a minute or two longer.

A brown roux, used in brown sauces, is the darkest roux, and it's cooked for the longest amount of time. For that reason, you should cook it over a lower heat so that you don't burn it. You can even brown the flour in the oven before adding it to the butter.
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