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How to Truss a Chicken


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Start with Three Feet of Cooking Twine
Start with three feet of cooking twine

Start with three feet of cooking twine.

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Start with One Chicken and Three Feet of Twine

Trussing a chicken is an important step in preparing a roasted chicken. Trussing involves tying the chicken snugly with kitchen twine so that the wings and legs stay close to the body. This makes the chicken more compact which helps it cook evenly. Trussing a chicken also helps prevent the tips of the wings and legs from burning, and makes the cooked chicken look more attractive when you serve it.

For an average chicken, cut yourself about three feet of twine. You might not need that much, but it's better to start off with a little too much (you can trim the excess when you're done) than not enough.
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How To Truss A Chicken
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