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Stand Mixers - Why You Need a Stand Mixer in Your Kitchen
Most people with stand mixers wonder how they survived before having one. It is the ultimate, but useful kitchen luxury. Check out why you need a stand mixer in ...
Hand Mixers and Stand Mixers - Pros and Cons of Each
Question: Hand Mixers and Stand Mixers - Pros and Cons of Each Type of Mixer. What is the difference between a hand mixer and a stand mixer, and which is ...
Stand Mixers and Hand Mixers Buying Guide - Cooking Equipment
A stand mixer (made by KitchenAid or other popular brands) or hand mixer can ... Here's what you need to know before you shop for stand mixers or hand mixers.
Stand Mixers at Every Price - Cooking Equipment - About.com
If you do a lot of baking, a stand mixer is a must-have kitchen appliance. It allows a home cook to do a wide range of baking-related tasks, from whipping delicate ...
Before You Buy a Stand Mixer - Housewares FAQ
10 - 12 speeds are average and most stand mixers come with 3 standard attachments (whisk, dough hook and beater). Some models have a convenient timer ...
Mixers - Stand and Hand Mixers - Cooking Equipment - About.com
Stand Mixers, Handheld Mixers. Baking and cooking is often simplified by the use of a stand mixer or handheld mixer. Here's the scoop on how to choose the ...
Beater-To-Bowl Clearance - Adjusting KitchenAid Stand Mixer
Consumers often find that their KitchenAid Artisan stand mixers are not mixing the batter properly and that the beaters do not come very close to the sides or ...
KitchenAid Stand Mixer - Desserts/Baking - About.com
Here is a review of the KitchenAid Stand Mixer. Of all of the stand mixers, it is the best.
Comparing SideSwipe and BeaterBlade Mixer Blades - Cooking ...
When I first heard about the BeaterBlade from New Metro Designs, a blade attachment for stand mixers from KitchenAid and other brands, I thought it was a ...
BeaterBlade Review - BeaterBlade for KitchenAid Mixers ...
Here is a review of the BeaterBlade+ from New Metro Design. It works perfectly with my KitchenAid Stand Mixer.
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