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Poultry is the No. 1 Cause of Food Poisoning

By August 12, 2010

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Poultry is the leading cause of food poisoning, according to a report released today by the Centers for Disease Control. This is not surprising, given that poultry products can carry the salmonella bacteria, and salmonella is the most common form of food poisoning.
Chicken and Poultry Safety Tips
Keep your poultry safe. Photo © Danilo Alfaro

Beef was the second most frequent culprit, the report said, with leafy greens in third place. Again, this makes sense. Many people don't cook their burgers as thoroughly as they should. And undercooked beef can carry the E. coli bacteria, among others.

You might not think of leafy greens as a potentially hazardous food. But leafy greens generally aren't cooked — and cooking is the best way to kill the bacteria that cause food poisoning. So if some meat or poultry juice accidentally gets onto your salad greens, like via a cutting board or knife, that could cause a case of food poisoning for sure.

Here's an article that offers some chicken and poultry safety tips, and here's one that covers ground beef safety.

Finally, remember these three basic steps for preventing food poisoning:
  1. Cook food thoroughly
  2. Avoid cross-contamination
  3. Wash your hands


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